Mommy Review: Fluffy Stuff

ABM_1468009471It’s July, and if you’re like me you’re scrambling for ideas to keep your kids happy and engaged in anything other than video games and TV.  Here in Louisiana, it is just too hot to go outside between the hours of 9 AM and 7 PM, so I ran to Pinterest for ideas.  There I found several posts about this “fluffy stuff.” Two ingredients.  Budget friendly.  Relatively clean.  Sounds good, right.  Well, here’s my review of “fluffy stuff.”


20160708_130055The Recipe:  I divided a 16 oz box of corn starch between my two kids.  On top of each powder mountain I squirted about two cups of shaving foam, and gently folded it in until the mixture could hold its shape.  The kids found it fascinating that our fluffy stuff could be molded into a solid shape, but break back down into a powdery consistency.  You may want to add a little more shaving cream to your mixture if you want to keep your mess to a minimum.  Which brings me to…

The Mess Factor:  I’m sorry to say that, in terms of mess, this was not the holy grail of indoor activities you’re probably hoping for.  Even though I gave them trays to work on, the kids managed to get a good amount of fluff on the floor.  Also, the mixture process was the messiest part because that cornstarch wants to poof and whiff all over the place, no matter how careful you are.  However, the cleanup was not a big deal.  The fluffy stuff mixture swept off the floor easily.  Any powder residue left from the mixing process wiped up easily with a damp cloth.

The Kids’ Reaction:  The kids LOVED it.  They played quietly for at least an hour.  You heard me right!  AN HOUR–even my son, who is extremely hard to please.  It is so difficult to get him to engage in anything other than video games.  Let me tell you, he loved this.  D-bop (that’s what we call him) has a few sensory issues.  He doesn’t like to get his hands messy.  As I mixed the ingredients, he was immediately apprehensive about playing with the fluff.  However, when he saw that the completed mixture would not cling to his hands, he was totally mesmerized by it.  The Baby (she’s four next week–don’t judge me) likes everything.  She was in heaven.  They even went into her kitchen toys to find more tools to use with the fluff.  20160708_125812

Additional Thoughts:  The only negative thing I can say about this activity is that the smell of the shaving cream was a little overwhelming.  If you have a child that is particularly sensitive about smells, be aware that this may a little overwhelming for them.  If you know of a brand of shaving cream that is odorless, you may want to use that brand (and please share it in the comments).  Even if it is more expensive, it would be worth it to eliminate the smell of the shaving cream.  Also, I think I will invest in a couple of plastic trays with taller lips than these cookie sheets.  that might help corral the fluff better.

Our fluff is now packed into a small ziplock container until tomorrow, when I will attempt to buy another hour of peace.  I am interested to see how it will keep so that I can report on the lifespan of “fluffy stuff.”

Have you tried this activity with your kids?  What did you think?  What comments or tips would you add?  Do you have another play dough or fluff recipe that you would recommend?  Please share in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

Sarah 🙂




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