My Favorite Things

It’s been a long time, friends! All I can say is that summer ate my lunch. If we weren’t traveling, we had guests in our home. It was a busy, messy, crazy summer, but we had so much fun. There just wasn’t much time for Bible art or blogging. Now that the kids are back in school I’ve had time to remember why I am so in live with Bible Journaling. Let me share with you the things that are currently inspiring my Bible art along with the supplies I can’t seem to do without.

This post contains Amazon affiliate links.  While this is done for your convenience and to promote products that I like and use, a portion of any sale made through these links goes to support our family and make this blog possible.  We thank you for your support.

This page was partially inspired by art shared on Pinterest. Unfortunately, the link does not work, so I could not properly credit the original content.

1. Music.Lately I have been adding more and more worship lyrics to my Journaling Bible. Sometimes I letter them into the margins. Other times I add an illustration. Whenever the lines of a song grab my attention, if I am not immediately reminded of a particular verse or Bible story, I do a little research to find out if there is a particular verse referenced by the writer, or I do a key word search on There are even websites that break worship songs down and provide scripture references within the body of the text.  Check out Songs & Scripture at The pictured art was inspired by a song written and performed by my sister and brother-in-law, The Simeral’s, on their CD From Heaven Down.Check it out here. My favorite song is track 1, Come and Fill.

This illustration was inspired by the artwork of Shelly Cunningham, “Heart of the Sea,” as seen on Pinterest

2. White Gelly Roll gel pens. I absolutely love adding bright white pigment to my pages. Nice, bright white simply makes the other colors pop. There are so many great ways to add white to your Bible pages, but my favorite is the white Gelly Roll gel pen. Whether I’m filling daisy petals or stippling stars or water droplets, I love the bright opaque white that these pens add to my art.  I’ve used the white Gelly Roll pen to add details to my whale’s nose and stars to the sky on my Jonah title page.  It’s such a versatile tool. The Souffle pens by Sakura are also opaque enough to mark on dark papers, and I’ve used my set quite a bit.  There is a white Souffle pen available in the set, but I find that the white Gelly Roll pen is so much brighter.

3. Extra Fine Pen Tips. My favorite writing tool is a black, extra small tip artist pen. The lines are thin and precise, allowing me to ink my drawings without worrying about the amount of bleed through I’d have with a larger tipped pen. I like that the lines are thin enough to ad the small details necessary in illustrations that are sized to fit the margins of my Bible.  I’ve used three different brands:  American Crafts Precision Pen 01, Micron 01, and Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen XS.  My favorite so far is the Faber-Castell pen.  I like the length of the tip and the width of the pen.  Waterproof, archival quality artist pens are the only black pens I use in my Journaling Bible.

4. Gold accents. I’m loving the pop and sophistication that a splash of gold can add to my illustrations. Washi tapes like these are a great way to add gold foil tones to your Bible pages. Metallic pens are great for hand lettering and filling spaces.  The one I am currently using is made by American Crafts and is part of a set of metallic pens. Gold paint, like this acrylic gold by Master’s Touch (I also like Liquitex), adds a golden sheen with light streaks or a gilded affect with heavier application.

5. Just Reading. As always, the inspiration I find from simply reading God’s Word is so exciting. My Journaling Bible is a “working” Bible. I carry it to church. I teach out of it. The spine is worn and the tabs are bent. The art on the pages chronicles my personal journey through its pages. If you’re not reading your Bible you’re simply missing out. There’s just no book like it. No self help, financial freedom, relationship repair, leadership manual, or personal discovery text out there can compare to the truth we find in God’s Word. That is my very favorite thing!

So, what are your favorite things? Please share in the comments!


Sarah B


  1. Your pages are beautiful. I so love combining creativity with connecting with God and using all those stationery and art supplies in the journey with him.


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